Westcott TrimAir Guillotine Wood Trimmer with Microban Protection

Westcott Trim Air Guillotine wood trimmer with microban protection is the unbeatable paper cutting device that has being raving the entire world since its release into the market. Past guillotine models exposed we entrepreneurs to lots of huddles due to their limited capabilities and low efficiency. Designers and engineers have finally responded to our outcry and crafted a new era guillotine that is more reliable and efficient. I have being using this product for the last three weeks to trim documents to the right size in my business. So far, I have not experienced any problems, it works perfectly each and every time.

Westcott TrimAir Guillotine Wood Trimmer

Here are some of its specifications and feature that gives it’s a higher ranking in the market

Microban protection:

Bacteria are well known for their detrimental effects on both human beings and animals. They can easy grow and thrive in and on the surface of the handle leading to bacterial infections and odors that compromise the air quality. Fortunately, this product has a Microban protection that helps to prevent growth of bacteria hence its user-friendly.


There are guillotine that can only cut one or two papers at the same time. This one is assembled using the latest technological advancement as evident from its unique capabilities. For example, it can cut 30 sheets of paper at the same time. Additionally, the blades are bonded together to make them stay sharp for longer so you will not need to sharpen them every now and then.

Durable wood base:

Wooden materials are known to be very susceptible to termite attacks and rotting. This guillotine has a very sturdy wooden base that is made from treated wooden material. Hence it is immune to termite attacks and can withstand significantly high moisture levels without rotting or showing signs of aging.

Titanium blades:

Unlike other guillotines, this one has titanium blades that are professionally crafted to deliver the expected results all the time. As mentioned earlier, these blades can last for months without losing their vigor or sharpness.

Who should buy this?

Westcott TrimAir Guillotine Wood Trimmer with Microban Protection is suitable for all office and home paper cutting chores. It can be used by both small and large businesses or corporations since it can cut virtually all sort of papers no matter the size and requirements. Its comfortable handle makes it’s very easy to use it. Additionally, its contemporary design and unique outlook will give your office a new touch of elegance.



Westcott TrimAir Guillotine Wood Trimmer with Microban Protection is the ultimate solution to all your paper cutting needs. It will not only help you save time by cutting many papers at the same time but also prevent paper wastage. Its available at a pocket friendly price in all major stores across the globe.

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